Aneurysm Clips

Aesculap is the most trusted name in aneurysm clips.

Yasargil Titanium and Phynox Aneurysm Clips MRI Safety Information >

Since their introduction in 1968, more than 1.5 million Yasargil® aneurysm clips have been implanted worldwide. All Yasargil aneurysm clips are manufactured at Aesculap facilities in Tuttlingen, Germany under the control of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen. Aesculap offers more aneurysm clip patterns than any other vendor (more than 45 aneurysm clip appliers and more than 320 temporary and permanent aneurysm clip designs), making treatment of challenging aneurysm shapes and sizes possible.

Titanium and Phynox Aneurysm Clips

Aesculap Yasargil aneurysm clips are non-ferromagnetic, MRI-Safe (3-Tesla or less) implants crafted from Titanium or Phynox alloy. 

  • Available in standard and fenestrated styles
  • Color coded with gold or silver blades (temporary or permanent clip, respectively)
  • Low profile aneurysm clip blades provide increased visualization of the cerebral anatomy
  • Atraumatic, pyramidal design doubles the surface area available for contact with vascular tissue, prevents slipping and avoids damage to fragile vascular tissue.
  • Unique box lock mechanism ensures smooth movement and precise guidance of aneurysm clip blades to prevent scissoring
  • High closing forces of up to 200 grams provide optimal aneurysm occlusion
  • Clip appliers are available in classic and minimally invasive models and feature a low-profile, bayonet-shaped design for improved visualization

All Aesculap aneurysm clips are supplied sterile and ready to use. Aneurysm clip trays (full and half-size) with press-in identification tags make aneurysm clip transport, storage and sterilization easy.

Specialty Aneurysm Clips

Aesculap is proud to offer specialty clip patterns and appliers for the most unique treatment needs.

  • T-Bar Clips with angled blades resulting in a T-shape design available in both phynox and titanium
  • Ultrashort fenestrated clips (nub clips) available in both phynox and titanium
  • Fenestrated mini clips available in titanium
  • Long clips available in phynox
  • Reinforcing “booster” clips available in both phynox and titanium
  • Vario clip applier with articulating jaw available for both titanium and phynox clip patterns
  • XS clip applier with slim, rotating shaft available for both titanium and phynox clip patterns

Visit the IFU database for complete indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings >


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