Dura Substitutes

Synthetic or biological dura substitution which offers ideal fibroplastic proliferation.

Lyoplant® Onlay

Lyoplant Onlay

Lyoplant Onlay is a biological, absorbable dura substitution consisting of a bilayer membrane, designed to provide high ease of use.

The product stands out due to the fast application, the easy handling, the versatile usage in terms of fulfilling the surgeons needs and preferences and the reliable treatment for the patient.

It allows for a simple onlay application with the additional benefit of suture fixation if necessary.


  • Helps protect against CSF leakage
  • Excellent resorption rates
  • Superior tensile strength*
  • Strong biocompatibility


  • Familiar use
  • Time-saving onlay application
  • Convenient handling
  • Superior suture pull-out*


  • Multi-use onlay or suturable
  • 40% thinner than competition*
  • Excellent elasticity and flexibility
  • Helps prevent cortical adhesion


  • Lyoplant Onlay is indicated as a dura substitute for the repair of the dura matter

*Biomechanical data is on file at Aesculap, Inc.


Lyoplant is a pure collagen implant that is produced from bovine pericardium. The special lyophilisation (freeze-drying) process ensures that the loose fiber structure of Lyoplant is preserved to offer the optimum fibroblastic proliferation.


  • Fluid-tight to prevent CSF leakage
  • Absorbable
  • Excellent tissue compatibility
  • Rapid and regular ingrowth of autologous connective tissue
  • Good handling properties such as rapid rehydration, high flexibility and conformance to anatomical structures


  • Substitution and enlargement of connective tissue structures in neurosurgery


Neuro-Patch is a microporous fleece manufactured from highly purified polyester urethane. The fine fibered microstructure supports a rapid fibroblastic proliferation.


  • Fluid-tight to prevent CSF leakage
  • The microporous structure allows rapid population of endogenous fibroblasts
  • Well tolerated by tissue
  • Absolute biostability and permanent tensile strength
  • Protection against suture pull-out, even when sutured in place under tension
  • Good modeling qualities and elatisticity


  • Dura substitute in neurosurgery

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