Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization

Alternative to Flash Pak for Flash Sterilization*

Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization

The Aesculap sterilization container system for Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization (Flash Sterilization) protects surgical instruments during transport to point of use. All Solid bottom sterilization container systems, as well as select aluminum and PrimeLine™ lids, are available for use in (PreVac) immediate use steam sterilization units.

The Aesculap sterilization container offers the healthcare user a more efficient alternative to Flash Pak, because the same Aesculap container can be used in both Terminal and Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization. This allows users to execute the same sterile processing flow regardless of Terminal or Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization, allowing the sterile processing department to deliver instruments on time to the operating room.

Immediate Use Steam Sterilization – Know the Facts

In 2011, the term FLASH sterilization was replaced with Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS). The term flash sterilization has historically been used to describe steam sterilization of unwrapped items intended to be used immediately.**  Facilities may employ IUSS to provide instruments to the OR for surgical cases already underway.

To learn more about IUSS, including how it differs from traditional terminal cycle steam sterilization, read the Immediate Use Steam Sterilization brochure.

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*Flash Pak is a registered trademark of Symmetry Medical Manufacturing, Inc.

**Data on file

Visit the IFU database for complete indications, contraindications, precautions and warnings >

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