Wrap to Rigid™

Save both the environment and costs with sterilization containers vs blue wrap

Wrap to Rigid™

Sterilization containers are the preferred choice for cost savings versus blue wrap, and they help reduce waste too. As the market leaders, Aesculap can support your Green Healthcare Purchasing Initiatives while Reducing Your Operating Expenses without sacrificing product quality.

Sterilization Containers Reduce Costs

  • Aesculap sterilization containers can achieve up to 80% cost savings over disposable sterilization blue wrap. Medium size hospitals can save up to $20K annually in disposable operating expenses alone.

  • Aesculap sterilization containers save reprocessing time from tears in single-use blue wrap; a $50,000 annual savings. (On average, 5% of wrapped instrument sets are reprocessed due to tears. This equates to 520 sets per year at the reprocessing cost of $100 per set.)*
*Medium size hospital processes 10,400 sets annually (40 sets processed/day x 260 working days per year)

Sterilization Containers Reduce Waste

  • Aesculap sterilization containers can help you save the environment by decreasing your waste stream by 5,000 pounds per year. (Single use disposable blue wrap weighs approximately ½ pound, assumes 10,920 sets per year (including reprocessing due to tears).

Call 610-984-9287 to discuss a customized savings program for your facility or go to www.aicliterature.com to order the brochure SterileContainerTM System - The Preferred Alternative to Blue Sterile Wrap (DOC796 Rev A).

*Medium size hospital processes 10,400 sets annually (40 sets processed/day x 260 working days per year)

Please visit the Aesculap Literature website to order the following
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