Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Instruments for Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

The Valve XS product line from Aesculap consists of instruments and retractors for minimally invasive valve surgery. The name of the product denotes accessing the heart valve through an extra small Incision. The Valve XS system is made up of specially designed long-shaft instruments for use through a port or small incision, retractors for mini-thoracotomy approach, and the UINTRAC™ Pneumatic Holding Arm.

Benefits of the Valve XS Instruments

  • Available in 7", 9" and 11" lengths, which allows for use on all four valves
  • Better handling with incorporated "Golf Ball Grip"
  • Enhanced cleaning design, including:
    • Flush port
    • Generously dimensioned open grooves to ensure optimal cleaning
    • High performance PEEK material
    • Ability for mechanical or manual cleaning
  • Color coding to assist in quickly identifying the correct instrument

Valve XS Atrium Retractor 

The New and improved Valve XS Atrium Retractor provides improved visibility and access for minimally invasive mitral valve procedures.

Through the innovative and flexible blade joint connection, a precise blade angle and position can be achieved to provide optimal valve visibility and access. Additional features which improve the visibility are:

  • V-shaped blades - for easier insertion and better conformance to the atrium
  • Optional lateral blade - malleable design increases lateral exposure

UNITRAC™  Retraction and Holding System

The UNITRAC Retraction Holding System is a pneumatically-powered retraction arm that is ideal for minimally invasive valve procedures when using a scope. The system allows the user to make precise scope adjustments with the push of a single button, thus freeing the surgical assistant to carry out higher priority tasks.

Using the UNITRAC with a scope not only provides better visibility of the surgical site for the surgeon, it also facilitates improved OR staff coordination by allowing them to anticipate the surgeons needs.


  • All minimally invasive valve surgery
    • Applicable to all valves, but specifically tailored to mitral valve repair or replacement 

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