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Retraction Systems

AtRactor Sternal Retraction Systems

The AtRactor is an all-in-one sternal retractor appropriate for all open heart procedures. The AtRactor Sternal Retraction System stand for Atraumatic Retractor since it incorporates a number of innovative features which allows for reduced patient trauma. These features include:

  • V-shaped retractor arms - conforms to the natural anatomical opening of the sternum, doesn't force a parallel opening
  • Rotating blades - allow for even more adaptability to patient specific anatomy
  • IMA Connector System
    • eliminates the need to switch retractors
    • reduces potential for rib fracture by transferring force from patient's sternum to OR table
  • Valve Accessory Blades can be positioned anywhere on frame
  • Incorporated suture holder for convenient suture organization

TAVI-MIDCAB Retraction System

The TAVI-MIDCAB Retractor is ideally designed for Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass procedures or the Transapical approach for TAVI. The retractor provides improved visibility and access to the surgical site due to:

  • Double flexible blade design - maximizes visual tunnel while conforming to anatomy
  • Low profile frame design with flexible arms
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Multitude of mounting positions for mechanical stabilizer in MIDCAB
  • Suction capability

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