Topical Skin Adhesive

Histoacryl Flexible & Histoacryl

Topical Skin Adhesive

For decades, medical professionals from around the world have put their trust in Histoacryl Topical Skin Adhesives. First introduced in 1968, Histoacryl has been referenced in more than 1,200 publications world-wide and is one of the most used topical skin adhesives.

Aesculap has expanded upon this tradition of excellence in tissue adhesives with the introduction of Histoacryl Flexible. Histoacryl Flexible combines the flexibility you have come to expect with the strength that your patients need, all in one highly efficient ampoule.

Benefits of Histoacryl Flexible:

  • Versatility - Allows closure of incisions up to 25cm1
  • Strength - Requires only one layer of adhesive to achieve a full strength bond
  • Efficiency - Reduces the need to use multiple unites in the same procedure
  • Microbial Barrier - Acts as a barrier against 7 different microorganisms for 7 day


Histoacryl Flexible vs Dermabond Advanced

 Data on file


 Data on file

 Ordering Information

Item No. Description Units/Box
1051260P Histoacryl Flexible Topical Skin Adhesive (0.5ml) 10
TS1050044FP Histoacryl Blue Topical Skin Adhesive (0.5 ml) 10
TS1050071FP Histoacryl Clear Topical Skin Adhesive (0.5 ml) 10

1See Instructions for Use


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