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Our Partnership with Microsystems

Do you know how many instruments you have, if and how they’re used, where they’re located and their condition? Most don’t. Through our unique technology partnership with Microsystems, we help hospitals capture, organize and analyze all of their instrument data to achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and savings.

Aesculap customers will benefit from pre-programmed settings which grant you immediate access to time-saving tools like product cross-referencing, on-screen, easily recognizable product images, an integrated catalog and your facilities’ pre-negotiated GPO or IDN pricing for quick Aesculap ordering. Say good-bye to manual system configuring and hello to efficiency. 

Click the links below to preview these time-saving tools.

                          Computer IconIntegrated Aesculap Cross-reference Tool

                          Computer IconPreloaded Images for Aesculap Products

                          Computer IconThe Full Catalog of Aesculap Instruments

                          Computer IconGPO or IDN Contract Pricing


With a clear and complete view of your instruments and information systems, you’ll make more intelligent decisions about instrument purchases, staffing, performance, profitability and related capital expenses. 

  Microsystems' Sterile Processing Information System

SPM® is a networked software application providing sterile processing professional with information and tools for managing all aspects of departmental operations. Based on the bar coding of instrument sets, SPM ensures the delivery of fit instrumentation and equipment, in an optimal condition for use, when and where it is needed, and at an acceptable cost basis.

Improve Asset Management

  • Build accurate and complete sets
  • Reduce the number of lost items, the cost to refurbish/repair devices and other costs of maintaining inventory

Improve Productivity

  • Streamline processes and remove bottlenecks
  • Match staffing levels to workload
  • Advance staff competency through extensive training tools
  • Mobilize resources to meet specific end-user demand
  • Use of tools to improve service levels/on-time availability of instrumentation

Improve Quality and Accountability

  • Access oneSource IFUs and facility-developed special instruections for cleaning, assembly, packaging and sterilization
  • Ensure accountability for all tasks, processes and results
  • Generate comprehensive electronic documentation package for compliance with AAMI, AORN and Joint Commission

Reporting and Decision-support Tools

  • 300+ standard reports
  • No-charge custom reports/queries
  • Standard monthly reporting package with performace metrics

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