Instrument Management

Do you know your instruments?

Do you know how efficiently your hospital's instruments are being used?

In a recent study from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, it was found that 
78 -87 of the instruments in surgical trays went unused. Even unused instruments are required to cycle through the SPD. At a cost of 51% to reprocess a single instrument, that’s a lot of unnecessary costs!

What if you could have a more accurate picture of your surgical inventory? How might this information help you improve the management of these assets and reduce unnecessary costs?

The Surgical Asset Management (SAM) Team at Aesculap has crafted a five step process that can uncover, correct and help improve the management of your surgical instrument fleet and sterile processing department. The average facility results of the SAM program speak for themselves:


    *Statistics in this section were pulled from a study of ten hospitals

At Aesculap, our Team prides themselves on a proven track record,  years of expertise and our high regard for each and every partnership.

Proven Success

“Aesculap’s model was customer focused. It gave our surgical nurses and technicians the opportunity to spend quality time with our surgeons to decide on ideal set contents.”

Patricia Coggan, RN, MSN
Nursing Director, Surgical and Procedural Services
San Francisco General Hospital

“The ultimate goal is to improve our quality, and we’ve already seen amazing results. I’ve been very impressed with Aesculap. In my mind, our relationship is what we want to emulate for all other corporate relationships.”

Joe Pinto
Vice President – Network Operations
St. Luke’s Health Network

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